Sunday, November 28, 2010

25 @ 25

Before I'll turn 25 which is 3 years from now, I would like to achieve the following:

1. Visit Vigan!
2. Wakeboarding (anywhere)
3. Learn how to surf (preferably at Siargao)
4. Know how to converse in foreign language (aside from English)
5. Spend a few days in Cebu with my family
6. Wall climbing
7. White water rafting with my father and brothers
8. Launch the public library
9. Three-days stay in Batanes
10. Open a craft shop business
11. Shop 'til I drop experience in HK
12. Learn how to cook Asian dishes (aside from Filipino dishes)
13. Get another certificate/diploma (Psychology, MAN, BS Chem or Entrepreneurship)
14. Practice my profession in a hospital (as staff not trainee)
15. Lose weight (48 kilos)
16. Learn how to drive
17. Get a driver's license
18. Attend a martial arts school
19. Find my soulmate =p
20. Buy "Biboy"
21. Start paying for "Maya"
22. Full payment of my St. Peter plan
23. Expand my RTW business
24. Start drafting my next business venture
25. Submit my designs

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