Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby Steps

I took my friend's advice of finding out what I really want to do before I turn 23 next month =) I'm sure I would love to be a doctor (that's my dream) but at the same time, I also aim to become a chemist (so ano ba talaga?). I browse the PinoyMD forum and the discussions were helpful. I could relate to the sentiments of doctor wannabes. A common advice that doctors mentioned in the forum is to think not once but MANY TIMES if you really want to be a doctor. Sabi nga nila dapat GUSTUNG-GUSTO mo maging doctor. If that's the case you can take the sleepless nights, frustrations, and all the downsides of being a doctor. Someone even mentioned of getting first a BSN degree and to be a nurse para at least may second option ka pa if you feel like quitting. 

I want to become a doctor but felt like financially incapacitated to do it. At this point, I want to enjoy muna my life as a nurse. Just like medicine, nursing is also a humbling profession =) As for becoming a chemist, let's see if I still want it a few months from now =)

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