Sunday, November 21, 2010

Main Line and Side Drip

I can't believe that my blog's turning 2 this December - isn't that awesome? lol. I feel like a zombie right now. I hit the bed at around 2 am for research and article writing. Anyway I'm done with it so I have my whole time this morning to clean our house (yup, only this am). I have to go back to work by pm and attend mass as well. 

I'm here again for career exploration. Reading my previous posts made me realize that there's only one thing that in this world that we really want to do. Everything else are just distractions or  are just better to be considered  as 'side drips'.

This 'me time' moment makes me think of saving lives. I love the feeling of being able to help other people especially in the aspect of health. The best time to describe that feeling was last year when I'm having my DR case completion in a nearby lying-in. It's not easy to wake up in the wee hours of the morning but the feeling after having delivered the baby is all worth it. The 'thank yous' are more than enough for the hours of sleep that you missed.

Therefore, I came into this conclusion. My main line is in the aspect of healthcare (would still pursue Medicine though it may take some time d/t financial issues). Side drip(s) shall be in the aspect of business and arts (would love to do a sideline on interior design/virtual merchandise while working or while living my life as a doctor =)

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