Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don't Give Them Fish

My professors back then would constantly remind us that the best way you can help other people is by teaching them how to fish rather than give them fish (dole out in other words). I'm a generous person but don't believe in the idea that you can help one by giving them what they need. For me, it's just a temporary solution.

I want to help this country in my own little ways. I'm planning to conduct pangkabuhayan workshops to unemployed individuals. I could probably start this with my neighbors (and maybe couple that with some health-related lectures especially on family planning). We'll see for any improvement. 

If there's one thing that anti-pinoy had taught me, it is the idea that Philippines can prosper only if we take some time to change our habits and even the way we think. Let's not take part of empty pinoy pride. Let's focus on facts rather than acting upon our emotions. 

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