Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Falling in Love with Camiguin

I'm not quite sure on how would I perfectly describe Camiguin. Will I unveil the beauty of its bodies of water? Or shall I speak of its tranquility? 

Days ago, I've been into this uber-peaceful place. The short vacation is just in time for my soul-searching moment. The place is definitely a great place if you want to clear some thoughts before you start another year. I was hesitant to join my mom in this trip but glad that I did =)

We stayed in this resort for a night. According to our guest, this place used to be one of the well-liked lodging house among tourists because of its proximity to the runway (see pic and vid below).
Unfortunately, flights going to Camiguin have stopped and so the resort has turned into a deserted area.

The infrastructures in Camiguin has a close resemblance to the ones you can see in Vigan.
This is partly the reason why I love the place!

We also got the chance to visit the hot spring (the water temperature is around 39 degrees Celsius).
Entrance fee is only PhP 30 while each cottage costs around PhP 150 (good for 3 hours only).
It was raining when we got there so the warm flowing water soothes us.

*I'll be posting the photos soon =)*

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