Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have just read some posts of nurses who are still unemployed. I'm reading these forums because aside from suffering from the so-called quarter-life crisis, I am too an unemployed nurse. 

March 2009: graduated from college
June 2009: medical transcription training
August-November 2009: NLE review
November 2009: NLE
December 2009: part-time English tutor
January 2010: RN!
February 2010: started attending seminars
March-May 2010: worked as a virtual assistant
May 2010: IVF training
June-September 2010: writer/rewriter
September-October 2010: hospital training
November-December 2010: web content writer/virtual assistant

Am I making progress? I'd like to practice my profession but I no longer want to splurge to have the training. I'm thinking of rerouting...what do you think?

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