Sunday, December 5, 2010

Under the Sea

Let me share with you one of the best experiences I had - scuba diving! Scuba actually stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. The one we had yesterday was intro diving. It took some time before we reach the coral garden but it's ALL WORTH IT!
This is my first diving experience. Before I dive into the water, I feel excited, nervous, uncomfortable (the tank weighs 24 kilos and the suit is very masikip) but you start to become comfortable underneath.

This is me and my brother. I keep on pinching my nose to 'equalize' the pressure.

Each intro diver has his/her own dive master (and they're all very accommodating and friendly!) 

The world underneath is a different experience. Seeing the different corals (and fish)  can really make you appreciate God's works. It's surreal. Pictures aren't enough to describe how beautiful it is.

By the way, we had our intro diving at Island Garden City of Samal (Davao) for only PhP 750 inclusive of the gear, apparatus, transportation, underwater pictures, and island hopping. This is truly one of the million reasons why I love living here in Davao City!

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