Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm an ambitious person (in a good way). I've always  wanted so many things at the same time. At some point, I wanted to pursue fashion merchandising and design and weeks after, I want to get Education units. I've also dreamed of becoming a newscaster, chef, chemist/chemical engineer, travel writer, model (yay!), and a doctor. One time when I told my friend that I wanted to take this course, she raised her eyebrows and asked me: sure ka na ba? That's a predictable response from someone who knows that I'm beyond being unpredictable. 

Mom's right. There's no shortcut to our dreams in life and I need to FOCUS on one thing AT A TIME. At present, I wanted to pursue Chemical Engineering. It's the course that I'm supposed to take back in college but due to some pagpipilit I took up nursing. 

Hmmm..Chemical Engineering..
Chemical engineers work on a relatively larger scale than what chemists do. They can work in different industries - from pharmaceutical to textile companies. As they say, chemical engineers can do just about anything! 

I just need the sign =)

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