Friday, February 25, 2011

Faith and Courage

At times I feel like I'm brave enough to face all the consequences of my life's choices but there are also these instances when I feel like I'm emotionally vulnerable just like the rest. I feared of being alone, of growing old, and letting go of the people I dearly treasured and love. But having this emotion makes me feel that I'm a human being and no matter how I plan my life, there will always be unseen and uncontrollable circumstances that can change it. But I trust Him. For years, God never failed me. He may not have given me all the things that I've wanted but things always turn out to be the best just like in high school.

When I was still in grade school, I've always wanted to study in Philippine Science High School and U.P. later on in life. I passed the 1st screening of PSHS but failed on the second. We received a call when I was on my 2nd year in h.s. inviting me to take the exam. once again but I didn't because of some circumstances. However, looking back, I came to realize that things could be a whole lot different if I grabbed it. But I don't have regrets. I had such great time in high school. 

My college life is shall I say a roller coaster ride. I have this love-hate relationship with the field but the journey was meaningful. It made me delve deeper into our sole purpose of living - not for money or fame but for others. 

And now, I may not be sure of what road I'll be taking but I know with faith and courage, I can make it through. I know, things will be better soon..

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