Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Do It!

It's been weeks since I've last updated this blog and I've been missing this A LOT. Uhm, so what's up? How are you?

Well, if you'll ask me how I've been, I'm good. I applied to 2 tertiary hospitals but was not accepted. I got an opportunity to apply for a postgraduate study scholarship at Taipei Medical University but didn't pursue due to time constraints =( 

Anyways, let's move on. 

Okay, here, with all the calamities occurring all-over the globe, I came to realize that life is precarious so you've got to live your life, I mean each day of it as if it's your last (I know it's a cliche).

Sounds corny but I want to spend my life in helping people and in creating good changes in the society. It's not just all about the money, it's about fulfillment. 

Snapshots from yesterday's muni-muni:

I took these using Nokia X2

I was reading my previous entries in my diary when I saw these! I'm a frustrated fashion designer, okay? LOL.

And when I'm super stressed, nothing beats the joy from eating this delicacy from Cagayan!

By the way, have you seen the super moon? Instead of taking a pic, I've accidentally recorded a video of it. It was 5 am..

See you soon!

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