Monday, June 20, 2011


 Dear blog,
I'm so sorry for neglecting you for these past few weeks. You know I've been busy with a lot of things so please, please accept my apology =) I'll make it up with you with these updates..

Summer Outing with Friends 
May 14, 2011
My high school friends and I had one great summer outing. We revisited Maxima Aqua Fun located in Island Garden City of Samal. If you're from Davao City and opt for a public transportation, it takes a bus ride (Penaplata, Island Garden City of Samal - around P30-P40), a ferry, and a motorcycle ride (I paid P60) to reach the beach resort. I could have arrived earlier if not with the annoying traffic. Patience was tested but it's all worth it!

the famous GIANT slide
the canopy walk

great place + great company = uber fun summer!

Mother's Day
My cousins and I planned to surprise our gorgeous moms. The day before Mother's Day, we went to the market and bought the ingredients for a Mother's Day breakfast. The following day, we woke up around 3am but surprise, surprise I forgot that my mom is an early riser. The sound of the pans and maybe the aroma of the food could have startled my mom and woke her up earlier as what I've expected. I didn't have any other choice but to greet her a 'happy mother's day.' But the surprise didn't stop right there. My cousins and I went out and bought flowers for our dearest moms. 

With their unconditional love and commitment in taking care of their children 24/7, I think everyday should be a Mother/Father's Day.

Many Firsts
June 11-14, 2011
The law of attraction really works. I've bought tickets from an air fare promo for the three of us (mom, dad, and me) for a trip in Cebu. My father and I haven't been in Cebu and haven't ridden in an airplane so the trip was our many firsts. 

It's definitely true that travelling isn't just a vacation, it's more of discovering more about yourself. Through our Bohol and Cebu trip, I've realized I have a thing for anything vintage and I have this HUGE interest on nature-tripping.

Okay, let me talk with the trip. Our Davao-Cebu flight went well. Right after landing, we went to the ferry boat for a two-hour ride for Bohol. The SuperCat ticket costs around P421 but if you opt to be in the air-conditioned room you'll have to pay P700. 

It's easy to fall in love with Bohol. Let these pictures tell you why..

sea, sand, salt

Baclayon Church

I love the 'vintage feel' of this building

This tarsier is so cute! 

Philippines is a WOW! Carmen's Chocolate Hills

Hinagdanan Cave

Cebu Trip
After spending 2 days in Bohol, we then headed back to Cebu. I'm not a fan of urban areas maybe because I spent my 23 years in the city =) But Cebu, just like Bohol, would not fail to amaze you.

Taoist Temple

I told you I have a thing for anything 'vintage'

great church interior

Basilica del Sto. Nino

Magellan's Cross

Seal your Cebu trip by tasting their yummy lechon (roasted pig)

Father's Day
June 19, 2011
Our fathers - they may not be as expressive as our moms but trust me, they love us just the same. My papa is not perfect but he's the best father in the world (siyempre tatay ko 'yan eh)! The night of June 18, I surprised my father with a chocolate cake of which we ate right after dinner. 

mom's gift to dad
We only have one life, one mom, and one dad so be thankful for their presence. Tomorrow is never assured so treat each day as if it's your last =)

How about you? How did you celebrate father's day?

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