Saturday, August 27, 2011

Because Life is an Adventure

I don't drink, smoke or splurge on clothes. There's only one thing on this earth that I couldn't resist - and that is, the search for new adventure.
It's amusing to realize that some of the things I've placed on my wishlist have actually been actualized. Partly because I found someone who is as passionate as I am when it comes to outdoors/adventure/adrenaline rush. 

me and my adventure buddy Grace
Today we did the 3rd adventure on our list: the zipline.

One good thing about living in Davao City is the convenience of trying these things without having to splurge or go any further. Outland Adventure which is located in Ma-a, Davao City, just 10 minutes away from downtown area didn't fail our expectation.

Welcome to Outland Adventure!
Days before this, we were talking about doing the inverted position. It sounds crazy and yeah, I admit, scary but nonetheless, we agreed to our so-called 'dare'.

getting ready!

Tantananan -- the inverted position!

We survived the 1st zip!
And the adventure didn't stop right there. We were enthralled with the back flipping of one of the staff so we tried the bungee trampoline. It costs around P120. 

Bungee Trampoline

Up, up and away!

My attempt to do the back flip is a total fail! Haha. It looks so easy but so hard to do it (excuses - haha).

The day ended with a buffet lunch (gaining back the calories we've lost) and hours of talking and reminiscing of our college days.

Spending money and time on these things are not to just for the purpose of proving to ourselves that we can do it. It's also out of a realization that LIFE IS TOO SHORT to stay on the safe side. I mean, hey, when are you going to try these stuff, when you're already on your deathbed?

There's this post that I wanted to share. We saw this on our way to our 2nd zip.
Smile! It's an adventure :)

Yes, life is an adventure.

You choose your trail.
You make mistakes, fall and it's up to you if you bounce back and continue with what you've started.
Along the way, you have the choice to choose or create another trail.
It's totally up to you.
You're the adventurer, you lead your own way.

Have a nice weekend!

Outland Adventure
Diversion Road, Ma-a (across The GAP Farm)
Davao City, Philippines

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