Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Find Your Passion

Months ago I continually prayed for guidance for I'm no longer happy with what I do. I've spent each day browsing for articles and forums that could somehow enlighten me as to what career path I should take.

Then one article hit me. It says, 'passion is usually something that you love doing even without getting paid for doing it'. When we were still kids, we do these stuff but as adults we tend to set them aside because we are thinking, "oh well, how I can get by each day by doing this?" 

As a child, I have this HUGE interest in arts, writing, and selling stuff. So basically at this point, I can say that I'm doing what I'm passionate at - writing! Arts is still part of me (I make customized invitations for some friends and relatives) and of course, entrepreneurship.

What am I thinking? Why did I waste so much time and energy looking for these things where in fact, I've already found them?

How about you? What's your passion? :)

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