Thursday, October 6, 2011

Childhood Dreams

Randy Pausch and Steve Jobs have things in common: they're both inspirational and both died from pancreatic cancer. 

Anyway, I've watched Randy Pausch's Last Lecture vid and just for fun, decided to come up with this post just to compare my childhood dreams and how I was able to make them possible (or how certain circumstance makes them possible):

My Childhood Dreams:
1. Become a teacher
✓ Taught English for 2 months (December 2009-February 2010)

2. Be featured in a magazine
✓ I may not have been featured as a print ad model (dream on Joann! haha) but I was featured on Candy Magazine  August 2008 issue as their blogger of the month (not bad!) :)

3. Become an athlete

✓ Although I haven't achieved yet my dream of becoming a national athlete, I was able to represent our school in an inter-school sports festival (just imagine the thrill when we were called 'athletes').

4. Become a writer
✓ I guess working as a web content writer can consider this as dream come true!

*5. Become a doctor
*6. Become a chef
*7. Become a CEO of my own company
*8. Become a fashion designer

*on the process of making it come true =)

So guys, we can be whoever we want to be. Keep on dreaming, act on it, and celebrate your achievements.

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