Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boracay: Truly a Paradise!

While on our way to Caticlan, I couldn't help but be amazed by the wonders of the Philippines. Its luscious greens and picturesque mountains are enough to lure anyone but what are we missing? Why can't we market our country? Enough said! :) 

November 02, 2011 was scheduled for our Boracay escapade. From New Lucena, we have to ride a bus going to Caticlan (fare is P309). It's a 6-hour ride (just imagine how tiring it is!) going to Jetty Port, Caticlan. When we've reached Caticlan, we didn't board the boat right away as we're all starving. 

While in Yohoo BBQ restaurant, I was wondering why these bunch of garlic are hung all over the entrance area. Do you have the slightest idea why they're there? 

After satisfying ourselves with a hearty meal and paying the necessary fees for the boat ride (fare is P25, environmental fee + terminal fee: P125), we board the boat that would take us to Boracay. The boat can accommodate 10 persons (that's a rough estimation). Within 15 minutes, we've reached the island. A 15-minute tricycle ride brought us to Station 3. Since it was all our first time to visit the island, we have no idea where Sanders White could be found. It's actually a place that offers budget-friendly rooms but great service. 

Minutes of walking with frequent queries from the by-standers (met by constant pitch talks from tour guides) finally brought us to the place. 

I think their signage should be place somewhere visible to tourists, not hidden  in these plants.
Sanders White is the place to stay for family and friends who are on a tight budget but are also seeking for a comfortable place to stay. There's only one thing I didn't like in the place and that is, their water. It is for me a bit smelly (maybe I'm just used to the kind of water we have here in Davao). Anyway, it's economical. You can get an air-conditioned family room for only P2,000/night. Check-in time is noon and check-out time is before noon. 

rooms in the ground floor of Sanders White
Tip: Sanders White can be found in between Station 2 and 3, just beside La Carmela. 

Took a rest for a while then by 3pm, we head to the beach and stroll around. Boracay can be likened to the local beaches found in Davao, only that it has finer sand (powdery white), you can swim barefoot, and there's so many things that you can do (other than swimming). 

powdery white sand

Adventure-lovers can enjoy a variety of water sports. Budget-travelers (like us) would still enjoy the place by trying the different food offered by stalls, buying souvenirs from D'Talipapa, people-watching, witnessing the famous Boracay sunset, and just chillin' around. 

white sand + clear blue water = would you ask for more?

The famous Paraws (native canoe sailboats)

Souvenir shops are all over the place!

Amazing sunset! 

Nothing beats the scorching heat of the sun than eating gelato (finally!). 

We were not able to witness the fire dance as one, it was raining (again) and second, we were so tired from the bus ride and from swimming/strolling along the beach.

The following day, we signed up for an hour of ATV ride. We paid P350/each for that + P50 entrance fee for Mt. Luho View Point. Before the ride, we were briefed on what to do and we're even given the chance to ride the ATV around the place before we head off to our destination. Due to some circumstance (read: my reckless driving), I ended up boarding the buggy car (with me as the passenger - boo!). 

The route was a bit scary as one wrong move could lead to an accident (and most likely death). The guide who drove the buggy car told me that a tourist fell off from the ATV the day before (thank God I didn't push thru). 

ATVs hitting the road

and the reckless driver ends up being the passenger :(

The view from Mt. Luho is spectacular! It made me not want to leave Boracay. If I have billions of bucks, I would definitely buy a place to stay there. 

Mt. Luho

spectacular scenery

Oh Lord, I would want to stay here forever! haha

Will I go back in Boracay? Definitely YES!

Boracay - definitely a paradise!

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