Sunday, November 6, 2011

Flavours of Iloilo

There was this question popped by a travel writer: are you fond of mini-breaks or long holiday? I guess I'm a mini-break fanatic. I would rather have short (2-3 days) vacation spread all throughout the year than splurge on a long-week vacation.

Anyway, I'm here to share with you where I've been lately.

Staying in a family friend's house for the entire duration of our vacation had helped us both financially and physically. Financially for the obvious reason that we no longer have to pay for each night's stay (though we compensated it through helping in the chores and contributing something for each meal) and physically because of its close proximity to the church, market, and plaza.

Day 1: November 01, 2011

We arrived in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo around 9:30am. Our family friend told us that someone would be coming to fetch us. Relief was felt after a pick-up arrived and drove us to a 20-minute ride to New Lucena. 

The house where we stayed in New Lucena is just across a church, adjacent to the plaza and school, and a stone throw away from the wet market and primary hospital.

After a festive breakfast and lunch where estufado, dimsum, and grilled catfish are served, we took a nap (nap is an understatement for almost a 3-hour sleep). It was raining cats and dogs later that afternoon, thus our plan of heading downtown was postponed. 

To kill boredom, we head to their mercado to try Iloilo's signature dish: the la paz batchoy. La Paz Batchoy is a noodle soup with variety of meat and veggies, often served with pork cracklings on top. 

heading to the market

A bowl of their special batchoy is priced at P20. The rest of the afternoon was spent strolling in the town, playing bluff and taking sunset shots.

Days 2 & 3: Spent these days in the beautiful island of Boracay (will have a separate post for this!).

Day 4: November 04, 2011

Mr. Sunshine woke us up and reminded us that we have to see the city before we go home (which is scheduled the following day). From New Lucena, we have to ride a jeepney for almost 30 minutes (fare is P24) then take another jeepney going to Jaro (where the cathedral, Ted's batchoyan, and house of biscutcho can be found).

The presence of these churches is the proof of Spain's deep cultural influence in the Philippines: 

Later that afternoon, we head to SM to have our lunch and taste their local delicacies. 

We haven't seen this in Davao so we tried it. It's a Korean rice snack topped with flavor of your choice: chocolate, cheese, BBQ, etc. (P49 for a pack of 15)

Pastries from Brownies Unlimited. I'm wondering if they have a branch here in Davao. 
This stall is selling piaya (Bacolod's delicacy), biscutchopolvoron, barquillos, and pinasugbo.

Tomorrow is the official back-to-work day but my mind's still in the nostalgic state. Oh well, have to save for next month's mini-break!

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