Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Love Affair with Unfinished Business

I wrote this right after having this bizarre dream.

In Between

I can’t remember how many times I’ve cried for this love -  a love that’s not supposed to exist, a love deemed not to last forever...

September 19, 1990

After days of procrastination, I’ve finally decided to book a flight to Asia. Being adventurous and nature-lover, I went on with my plan on visiting the Philippines. I’ve had a Filipino friend and she’s told so many stories about their county – the crystal clear seawater, the white sand, and the tropical climate.

I badly need this vacation.

A guy whom I’ve thought is perfect dumped me right in the middle of Christmas holiday. He dumped me without even telling me why.

I just have found out that my sister’s been diagnosed with cancer.

My business’s not doing good.

What can be worse than these?

I boarded the plane. Time checked: it’s 21: 45.

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