Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pros and Cons of the Canon Powershot SX130IS Camera

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Do you want to jumpstart your photography hobby? Or are you looking for a camera replacement? Before you spend a hefty amount for a random digital camera that you just saw in the store, you better check out this review for Canon Powershot SX130IS Camera.

Canon, a reputable company boasting its line of digital cameras, has released a new member of the powershot series: the Canon Powershot SX130IS Camera. It’s a 12.1MP camera that has 12x optical zoom. This is perfect for hobbyists and pros alike who are into landscape photography. The 12x optical zoom makes it possible to bring distance subjects into detail.

The Canon Powershot SX130IS Camera also features a 28-mm wide-angle lens which makes it ideal for long or group shots. The camera’s optical image stabilizer solves the common problem encountered when shooting distant subjects: the inevitable ‘shakes’. Having an optical image stabilizer will allow you to capture crisp, sharp distant images.

Carrying a Canon Powershot SX130IS Camera will ease any newbie’s fears of getting mediocre shots. With the Smart Car feature, anyone even those who are still new into this hobby can get awesome shots. The Smart Car is an auto mode feature that analyzes the scene and from the 28 different scenes, will choose the best setting.

Experiment and let your creative juice flow with the camera’s distortion effects. You can play with the fish eye lens or render little models of landscapes or panoramic views with the camera’s miniature effect.

Point, shoot, and record high definition videos with this camera. It can render high quality 720p HD movie clips. You don’t have to worry on getting the correct focus as this camera comes with an auto focus feature.

View your videos and fun photo ops output with your friends with the large 7.5 cm LCD of Canon Powershot SX130IS Camera. With an LCD as huge as this, who says you someone will be left behind?

However, just like any gadget this camera is not free from flaws. Some of the downsides of this new member of the Powershot Series include poor battery life and the 230,000 dots of display, which may not be good for high definition preview of shots. As with the battery life, this can be simply resolved by switching to rechargeable NiMH batteries. 

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