Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Should you buy an e-book reader?

Christmas is coming and if you're a bookworm just like me, you might be considering an e-book reader as a gift for yourself this holiday season. But wait, before you splurge your hard-earned money you might just as well consider the ff.:

1. Price
The price of e-book readers could range from $79 to a hundred bucks. Of course it all depends on the features and the latest technology the e-reader company employs. If you're looking for more features and product add-ons, then prepare to pay more. 

The world's economy is not in good shape right now. If you think that buying this is just out of your whims and peer pressure, then save yourself dear, just buy the traditional paperback book. 

2. Portability
E-readers have become popular because you can carry hundreds of books with just a single gadget. If you're just an occasional reader, then buying an e-reader isn't practical. However, e-book readers can become your best buddy if you're traveling (just imagine the bulk it takes away from your baggage). 

3. Durability
Given the right amount of protection and TLC from the owner, e-readers can last for years. However, unlike traditional books, you cannot expect it to function the way it used to be once you drop it or sleep on it.

So, have you decided whether to buy or not to buy an e-reader?

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