Sunday, November 13, 2011

This, this, and this!

Are you athletic or at least trying to be one?
I think I'm the latter :)

I have a funny story to share with you. 

We live in a compound where my neighbors are my cousins. How cool is that, huh? We are so lucky to have a special place to run around and play table tennis and billiards (my grandma have these). That's when my love affair with ping pong begun.

Fast forward - high school came.
I gathered enough guts to play ping pong in our annual intramural. To make the story short, we placed 2nd. Our school's sports coordinator asked me if I can be one of our school's representatives for the upcoming DACS sports festival. Without hesitation, I accepted the offer.

Since the event falls on weekdays, I have to be absent on some subjects. When I informed my English teacher about this, I almost fell from my chair when she asked me: What sport are you playing? Word Factory or Scrabble? 

It was like OK, I'm a bit nerdy but sorry but this time I won't be representing the school for those stuff. So that's it. I ended up representing the school though we didn't win :( The following year, I was asked if I still would like to join the team. My senior year is the craziest year (juggling the student org, school paper, other clubs is already stressful, how much more if I joined the team?); thus, I said 'no.' :(

I'm no longer playing ping pong and I miss it!!

Why this, this, and this? It's because aside from ping pong, I have a HUGE interest in surfing and martial arts albeit have to learned their basics first.
Don't worry you'll still be #1! LOL
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I'm dying to learn this!
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Found a school for this :)
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