Friday, November 25, 2011

You've Got Nothing to Lose

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These past few days, I found myself getting hooked to this new Koreanovela, Helena's Promise

It's not because it's a love story but because the theme speaks of living our lives to the fullest. 

The story revolves around Helena, a typical office employee diagnosed with cancer. She was given 6 months more to live so she decided to live her remaining days to the fullest. 

She created a bucket list which includes making her mom smile at least once a day and doing all those things in the list with the guy that she loves. 

It is a love story but what makes it more interesting is the general lesson it partakes to the audience which is, to live each day as if it's your last. She buys stuff, eats whatever she wants, and even try things she's never done before. She even quit her job in order to do all these things! She doesn't give a damn to whatever people will say, she's going to die anyway - she's got nothing to lose.

And it hit me. Sometimes I decide to settle on things not because I want it but because the people I love want it for me. I wanted to live my life like Helena - no buts, no what ifs. 

This is what I describe as a dream life:
1. Having the time and money to travel anywhere
2. Being recognized on my chosen career (one that I TRULY WANT)
3. Succeed on my business ventures
4. Being surrounded by the people I love 

I can't wait to explore more places and write about them.
I wanted to live this life, not just merely exist.

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