Saturday, December 31, 2011

Because it's cool to be single...

We celebrated our 2nd month of being single. I've never been into a relationship but the idea of celebrating my current status only started last month. Don't get us wrong; we would love to be with someone who knows our worth but we do not want to succumb to the idea that we need to have a partner or a special someone to enjoy life or be happy. Thus, the idea of celebrating 'it' came about :)

For this month, we opted to dine in at Coco's Grill Davao located at Torres St. 

Let me share with you first the good and the bad points in the restaurant as the following photos will make you drool :)

The Good:
*Good ambience
*Great customer service
*Superb tasting food
*Big serving size 
*Gives you good value for your money

I'll definitely eat again here!

Let these photos tell you why we love Coco's Grill...

We paid PHP 1,450 for all of these.
Affordable, right?

Happy tummies! :))

Would you believe that we ate 70% of what we ordered for almost 3 hours? Yes, you've read it right. We arrived in the place at 1pm but left it at 3:30pm.

Coco's Grill
Torres Street, Davao City
(082) 2223494

After a satisfying our gastronomic cravings, we head off to Ayala mall to chill out. Since Grace and Manny (Grace's boyfriend guy friend/our friend) are in the mood for watching a movie, we went to the cinema house to watch Segunda Mano. 

The movie lasted for 2 hours but since it was drizzling that time, we spent more hours in strolling the mall, went window shopping, and finally had our coffee date at Starbucks.

Now, who says being single isn't fun? ;)


  1. hahah...this is cool, i like this, i guess i should do this also, celebrating single-blessedness...heheh! happy new year Joann! :)

    a visit from i♥am♥Talinggaw

  2. @Talinggaw: yeah it's cool! Try it with your single friends too :)