Monday, December 26, 2011

Confession of a Late Bloomer

I have a confession to make: I'm a late bloomer. Back in high school and college, I was never this kikay person. In the good, old days, you rarely can see me wearing lipstick or wearing an ensemble other than jeans and a shirt. But lately, I've developed some interest with cosmetic products and fashionable pieces. 

Here are just some of the items I bought:

(Photos were taken using my phone's camera so the quality isn't really good)

Maybelline's BB Cream

The formula of BB cream was said to be first used by German dermatologists for healing and soothing the skin of laser surgery clients. However, its use for beauty purposes started in South Korea. Because of BB Cream's brightening effect, it has become a popular cosmetic item among Southeast Asian women. 

I started using Maybelline's BB Cream last year. What I like about the item is that it moisturizes my skin, protects it from the harmful rays of the sun (SPF 26/PA +++), and it didn't fail to cover my blemishes. 

How to apply: 
Using this BB Cream is pretty easy. You just have to squeeze a small amount and spread the cream all over your face and neck. 

This 18-mL cream is available in 2 shades and can be bought at PHP 249.

What I like:

  • It feels so light on my face. It's as if I'm not wearing make-up at all. 
  • The packaging! It fits perfectly in my kikay kit.
  • Covers my blemishes 
  • It doesn't cause breakouts.
What I don't like: 
Nothing! It's not the item's fault why the matte finish would only last for a few hours (but I do blame my overactive sebaceous glands for it).

Maybelline's Pure Mineral Foundation

Out of curiosity, I bought this mineral foundation last week. I was tempted to buy this because I've read from a lot of beauty blogs that this product is good for those with oily skin. 

I bought this at a discounted price of PHP 419.20. It comes with a kabuki brush and just like the BB cream, this product is easy to use and is very light on my face.

My fondness on make-up has just started and I don't know until when it would last. :)


  1. hey! ive been using BB cream also.. hehe :) most of my churvabelles are MAYBELINE hehe TWIN jud ta! haha

  2. as in? Maybe we're twins in our past lives. Hahaha. Try their mineral foundation, so worth it :)