Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Mom, My Hero

While typing the title, I couldn't help but get emotional. Haiz.

If there's one person in this planet that I would really thank God for, that person would be my mom. Other than giving birth to me, I thank her for simply just being the best.

Being the only daughter is a bitter-sweet destiny but my mom made it way easier.
She's always there for me and never did I keep a secret from her.
She knows all my heartaches, my rants, and even the things that light me up.

We're not perfect.
And I admit that there were those times when I think she deserves more than me.
She has her flaws too but hey, it's normal! Walang perpektong ina.

I can give you a gazillion reasons why I love my mom :)

What transpired this day motivated me to create a post about her.

Out of frustration with some things, I ended up crying.
She knew right then, I guess with the 'crack' in my voice that there's something wrong.
When she arrived, she asked me if I cried and gosh, I couldn't lie especially to her.

She's my hero.
She's witnessed my struggles and has been with me through my ups and downs.

I love my father too but I guess I'm more of a mommy's girl :)

I know, this post is SO random.
Pagpasensyahan na po, kailangan lang maging emotera :)

Cherish your moms!
You only have one.


  1. post ba eto kasi may nangyari kagabi? haha joke! that's really true :) I don't have my mom anymore so i envy you alot haha :)

  2. I've always wanted to write a post about my loved ones. I regretted not writing one for my grandfather. He'd died before I managed to write one :( Thanks for reminding me to appreciate our loved ones while they're still with us!

  3. @Grace: Oo, naisulat dahil sa nangyari. hehe.

    @Aleah: You're welcome! :)