Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Of wanting and becoming one...

This dream, this goal has stayed with me for the longest time. It's like keeping a wishlist and realizing that after so many years, you still like what you wrote in it. Pursuing it entails a lot of sacrifices. I need to set aside my dream of exploring the world, putting up a restaurant/artsy cafe, studying culinary arts, and improving my writing skill. This is what I've been pondering at while reading a blogger's post on her experiences as a med. student. 

I'm thinking that if I really, really want to become one, I should act on it ASAP. 
There are simply so many 'buts'. 

However, I don't want to live a self-centered life. I'd like to leave a legacy and that is to improve the lives of other people especially those in developing countries like ours. I still can see myself doing a medical mission in Africa. I still can envision myself climbing mountains and crossing rivers to deliver the right amount of healthcare needed by Filipinos in remote areas.

So, do I still want to become a doctor? YES.
And I think, the sacrifices it entails will be ALL WORTH IT.

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