Monday, December 12, 2011

Redefining Success

Success has been my aim at a very young age. I used to define it as a stage or point in your life when you've received a couple of citations from international and highly respectable groups and having a lot of assets. By that, I mean savings, land, houses, cars, and other material things. But as years pass by, I came tho think about it and asked myself, 'can I really call myself successful with just those stuff?' 

A minute ago, I've read an interesting blog post from someone who happens to be a member of a group that I really admire. She mentioned in her blog that success is an ongoing process. It's for her a life well-lived that when you look back, you can say that you did well with the time you're given. That statement had left me in awe. I couldn't agree more. 

At this point, I'm re-thinking of my personal goals in life and when I could finally say that I have succeeded. 

I think, I'd be proclaiming myself successful if I've become/done the ff.:
1. Great daughter, wife, mother, and person
*Spending quality time with my family 
*Leaving a dent in someone's life (in a positive way)
-Public libraries
-Organization and livelihood for single parents and families in far-flung areas with poor employment rate
-Increasing awareness on climate change and lifestyle diseases

2. Visit as many countries as I can
I'd like to meet more people, experience their culture, write about them, and hopefully, inspire more people to explore the world though not necessarily by becoming a jet-setter. 

3. Conquer my fears 

How about you?
What's your definition of success?

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