Monday, January 30, 2012

Let Go

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There's nothing wrong with taking care of your stuff because you value the money you spent on it. However, it's no longer healthy when you're becoming TOO ATTACHED to it.

Today is one of those 'realization days.'
I tend to attach myself to these material things to the point of getting too emotional whenever something happens to them - just like now.

Last year, I decided to buy a decent camera phone. There's really nothing fancy about it. It's just a 5MP phone with 'conversation' style inbox set-up. I only use the camera whenever I see something interesting and I seldom use it as a music player and video recorder. So today, I've decided to trade it with my brother's dual-sim phone. There are 2 reasons for trading it: one, I no longer find it convenient in using 2 different phones and second, I'm planning to buy a gadget that will serve as my 'pocket computer'/camera/vid recorder/music player/dictionary, etc. However, I felt weird after handing it to my brother. It's as if a part of me felt bad for doing it. Then, it hit me. I am becoming too attached to material things - from mobile phones to computers.

Materialism is never a good thing. It keeps us from our true sources of happiness. Things are meant to be used by us, not the other way around. I should have told myself this years ago. Remember the time when Gadiel fell? Yeah, that one crazy idea of crying over your broken computer and neglecting the fact that your niece got scared of your reaction.

I figured out that there's one thing that could keep me from falling into this trap again: contentment. By that, I do not mean to stay just the way you are and not seeking further growth. It means having a clear idea of what you really NEED in life.

If I won't stop right now, it will going to be a long post.
So that's it.
I'm just venting out my frustration on myself for being too emotional with things which I shouldn't be.

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