Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life's Lessons

Almost three years after graduation, I came to realize that life is more than just work and play. It's an unpredictable ride. It can be a bouncy ride on some days and smooth for some weeks. It doesn't offer you a single path, rather you as the driver will continually be challenged to choose a path to take. I've learned a lot for over 2 years wandering in the real world. Let me share with you some of these valuable lessons:

1. It's all about ACCOUNTABILITY
If you want to dwell in misery, play the blame game. I'm guilty of this on the first year after graduation where I couldn't find a decent job in line with my degree. I blamed this, I blamed that and didn't really take action to change my situation. Then, one day I was just so exhausted with blaming other people and realize that it isn't their fault. It's my life now and I'm in control. 

Blaming others may provide you with short-term relief but trust me, it would exhaust you. Not only that, not taking full responsibility on your life will only make you feel less empowered and you'll never, ever be able to move forward. 

2. Every EXPERIENCE counts
Whether it's in a relationship or work-related, every experience will definitely teach you something. It could be about trust, perseverance, patience and sometimes, it allows you to fully unveil your life's passion and desires.

If not for the dilemma of being jobless, I wouldn't find out that I'm passionate with writing so as with traveling and entrepreneurship. I count every experience as my mentor and I take each one seriously :)

We are finite beings. If there's one thing that one would never regret of, it would be great memories shared with people that truly matter to them. Money come and go, fame fades away but relationships? They're priceless. Thus, no matter how busy I am, I see to it that I spend quality time with the God that I believe in, self (solo moments are therapeutic), family, and friends. 

4. Put your HEART in it
Not all of us are given the right opportunity to do what we love. However, we have the choice to love what we currently do. If you truly want to live a fulfilling life, then better give your best in everything that you do. Whenever you put your heart in whatever you do, the result is definitely epic!

5. TRAVELING is more than just seeing
It's all about the experience and the things you've learned from it. Definitely, in traveling it's not the destination that counts most, rather it's the journey. Traveling for me has become more than just an occasion for seeing new places. It has provided me with doses of inspiration and self-discovery.

How about you?
What have you learned in life so far?

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