Monday, February 6, 2012

Conquering the Rapids

Two years ago, I included white water rafting in my wish list (both here and in my journal). It’s surreal to realize that it did come true!

Last February 4, 2012 (Saturday), Manny, Grace, and I had our first white water rafting experience. Days ago, Manny and Grace had already met our guide, who turns out to be Manny’s friend back in their hometown. They were briefed on what to bring and what to expect.

In the morning of February 4, the three of us meet at Roxas Avenue. We were told that someone from the company will take us to Crocodile Park compound for orientation. After around 30 minutes, we saw the staff and their vehicle.
Gearing up!
At their office, we were asked to sign the waiver. After signing it, which basically states that we understand the risks involved in this activity, we head to their restroom and change our clothes. There were 7 of us scheduled on that day: a couple from California, workmates from Manila, and three of us from Davao.
Someone gave us an orientation about the activity. A pre-taped video was presented to us then a brief talk about what to do and expect in the water. I don’t know if it’s excitement or nervousness but I was not able to pay attention to what the staff was saying. Good thing, they informed us that another orientation will be conducted on the area.

Initial orientation

After placing our things in the locker and some group photo shoots, we board their vehicle for an hour ride going to our starting point in Tamugan. It’s great to have people from different walks of life, places of residency, and work ride in one vehicle and talk. Listening to them makes me think that yeah, we have differences but all we wanted to have in life are excitement and happiness.

Getting Ready!

The group :)

Jump shot!
We were divided into 2 groups. The couple and the other two from Manila were assigned in one raft and the three of us in another. We couldn’t contain our excitement and giddiness to be in one raft – just the three of us (of course excluding the guide).

At the starting point
Our guide, Mac, gave us a brief orientation. It was basically on what to do when the raft capsizes and in how to rescue a team mate. We were also taught on some rafting lingos. It wasn’t boring at all because our guide is funny (I guess ‘funny’ is an understatement).

In the placid part of the river, each of us was given the chance to act as the victim and rescuer. When everything was clear enough, we head to the raft, secured our feet on the straps in the raft, and head to conquer the rapids.

practicing how to rescue a team mate
This is it!
Just minutes before we left our starting point, our raft capsized. It was, of course, unintentional but then, I loved it! True enough, your white water rafting experience won’t be that fun without experiencing it. I don’t know what I was thinking that time but I heard Manny shouted ‘defensive swim!’ It took us some time before we were taken back again in our raft.

The place is awesome!
Having fun with the other team
We had our lunch just minutes before we reached the midway. The serenity of the place is awesome. It’s not new to me but still, it didn’t fail to fill me with awe. 

Lunch break
The rafting lasts almost around 4 hours. We were ‘drifting (jumping off the raft and just flow with the current)’ along the river when we’re almost through with the activity. It was scary but nonetheless FUN!

on action
Almost done!
Let's drift baby! haha
  • Wear light clothing (rash guard and board shorts are advisable).
  •  For your footwear, it would be better to wear aqua shoes or anything that’s light and won’t come off easily.
  •  Wear your protective gear properly. These include your helmet and life vest/floating jacket. Make sure they’re tight enough to keep you safe but not too tight to make you feel uncomfortable.
  •   Do some stretching exercises beforehand. Paddling for almost 4 hours isn’t easy so you better come prepared.
  • Listen to the instructions and don’t panic. When you fall off the raft, stay focus. You can’t think straight when your emotions over rule your logic.

More videos:

Interested in white water rafting?
You can reach Davao Wild Water Adventure here.
We paid P2,000/each inclusive of the gear, lunch, photo/video coverage, and t-shirt.

Meet the Rafting Warriors

L-R: Manny, our guide Mac, Grace, and me


Davao is a WOW :)

The power of 3!
P.S. If you'll ask me if I'll do it again, I would say YES, YES, YES! It's fun although I suffered from sunburn and some minor abrasions. 


  1. i suffer sunburn and MAJOR ABRASION! HAHA

  2. Lupet ng adventure nyo, goodluck guys and keep safe always.