Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Heading North

It all started with a casual conversation on future travel plans. Since we're almost done with our list of 'to-do adventures' Grace and I planned of traveling together. She wishes to visit the beautiful island of Boracay but I suggest on heading to Northern Luzon (this idea came up after reading some travel blogs featuring this part of the country). Thus, we opted for Northern Luzon and the planning process began.

The first thing that we thought of is the group. We have thought that it will be more cost-efficient to bring more people to travel with us. I planned to tag along my two other friends Judge and Julie and Grace would bring her other friend (our common friend now) Manny. After informing our 3 other friends, we patiently waited and scouted for airfare promos. It was an arduous task but nevertheless paid off when we're able to find one. Our round-trip tickets (Dvo-Mla and Mla-Dvo) + checked-in baggage cost P6,602.40 and that's for the five of us.

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research, jot down, compare
After the tickets were booked, we then started our research on the cheapest accommodations and the most budget-friendly route. I think it's this part that's most taxing especially that we're heading to 4 different destinations in just a matter of 7 days: Ilocos Norte-Ilocos Sur-Baguio-Manila.

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Grace searching for the most budget-friendly accommodation
Since taking a bus from Manila to Laoag will take a huge chunk of our time, we have opted to take another flight from Manila to Laoag. Our tickets going to Manila were booked October last year but we waited few more months to scout promos on flights going to Laoag. Fortunately, we're able to find one on January of this year.

Two months before our Luzon trip, our 3 other companions expressed their hesitation on coming with us because of work. I, myself, even came to a point of indecisiveness because of another work opportunity. But guess what? I choose to travel :) I always believe that time is the most important resource and I may never have another opportunity to experience this Luzon trip.

Because of this, Grace and I have to modify our plans. Just as we came up with a good plan that would suit the two of us, Judge informed us that he'll be coming with us. Plans were not changed at all because still, we're a small group.

Here's what I did as preparation for our 7-day Luzon Adventure:
March 1: listed the items to bring (the OC in me!)
March 4: bought a backpack that's huge enough to carry the essentials
March 9-10: purchased the needed items which include toiletries and some light clothes
March 12: printed the ticket and packed my stuff

I don't know if it's excitement or anxiety but the day before our flight, I've been sick. I bought tons of medicines and drank a lot of water just to make me feel better 'cause I don't want to spend the 1st day of our Luzon trip on bed.

On the fateful day of March 13, the 3 of us meet at the airport at around 4:30 am for our 6:30 am flight. And the most-awaited Luzon trip begun...                  

Because traveling makes me alive :) 


  1. oh yes...^.^ the most hassle part of them all is planning for the trip!!! :) anyhow, WHAT A GREAT TRIP!!!!! bitin lng lolz

    1. super nakakamiss! Bitin ang manila part. haha :p

  2. Wow, very organized ang trip! But I guess I should do that too, planning ahead of time, esp. when traveling, at least for the best places to visit as well as the best route. We encountered some difficulties on our past travels due to lack of planning eh...hehe!

    1. Grace did most of the planning, parang assistant lang ako na nagfofollow-up. Haha. Budget traveling kasi so dapat lahat planado though during the actual trip, maraming nabago.