Sunday, March 4, 2012

Of Docu and Horror Genre

People who know me too well are pretty much aware how much I love documentaries and horror films. My love affair with this movie genre started when I was still a kid (around 6 years old). I would stay up 'til dawn just to catch up with these movies. And by the way, it's the only reason why November is one of my favorite months of the year :)

Let me share with you the list (with accompanying video) of my favorite documentaries and horror movies. This is in no particular order:
1. Documentary: Dukhang Dayuhan (Reel Time by GMA)

2. Horror Film: From Dusk 'til Dawn

3. Documentary: The Toughest Place To Be Series (BBC)

*The Toughest Place to be a Bus Driver*

*The Toughest Place to be a Bin Man*

4. Horror Film: Jeepers Creepers 1

5. Documentary: Why Are Thin People Not Fat (BBC)

6. Horror Film: Infection


  1. I love documentaries, mostly GMA docus, but never horror film, no way! I always change tv channel whenever a horror film trailer appears, matatakutin lang...haha!

  2. yeah, super ganda ng mga docu ng GMA! I don't know why I super love horror film eh matatakutin din ako. hehe.

    BTW, read your travel blog. Kudos to that! It's very informative :)