Friday, April 20, 2012

The 11 Things

I owe this long-overdue post to The Pinay Wanderer who tagged me and several other bloggers for these set of questions. But before revealing my answers, allow me to post 11 Random Things About Me:

1. I have this love affair with horror movies
If asked to choose between chick flicks and horror movies, I would definitely choose the latter. I've been raving about this movie genre for years! It's my stimulant (yes, I would stay up even at midnight just to catch an interesting horror film on TV) and a source of bliss. Until now, my parents are still clueless as to why I love these creepy, nightmare-provoking, hair-raising movies.

2. I like food combos from the typical breakfast tandem of sunny side-up and milk fish to weird (my mom's opinion) combination of banana and peanut butter. 

3. There are only 3 things that I wanted to do with my life: travel, become a doctor, and become a successful entrepreneur. 

4. Blogging used to cause me trouble with my classmates in college. Well, it's my fault (lessons learned!). 

5. For 2 years after graduation, I suffered from quarter-life crisis. I feel like a total loser that time - constantly quitting trainings, having no plans, arguing with some friends and family. It was disaster. It was only the latter part of last year that I finally get to realize what I wanted to do with my life (and yes, that's #3). 

6. I'm the 2nd child in the family and the only female. Sometimes it sucks especially during high school when you badly wanted to have some girl talk after school. Yes, friends and my mom are there but I think the bond between sisters is different. However, there are perks of having brothers: you feel really protected, get to know 'guy stuff', and you learn to be tough. 

7. I'm a dead-serious student. I have almost non-existent social life in high school and college because of both academics and extra-curricular activities. 

8. I'm a bookworm. When I was in elementary, I would spend lunch breaks and recess in the library. Those were the days when kids are more into books than computer games/internet ;p

9. I'm a proud NBSB (no bf since birth!). It's both a result of circumstance and choice :)

10. Though I was a chubby kid, I never experienced being bullied by female classmates, only by male classmates and neighbors (these boys are the shallow men we have to avoid).

11. This is actually my 4th blog. I used to change blog name/address as frequent as weather changes. LOL

The 11 Questions

1. Describe your feelings right now.
I'm generally happy, excited with the idea of traveling again, hopeful, and sleepy. 

2. Kung ikaw ay isang pagkain, anong putahe ka?
I will probably be adobo because I'm a mixture of a lot of things. 

3. Is there anything you own that you can't live without and why?
Yes! That's my toothbrush, for hygiene's sake.

4. How does uhog or nasal mucus taste like?
Sour I guess. 'Yun ang sabi ng iba eh (defensive lang). lol

5. Would you rather be attacked by a huge bear or a swarm of bees?
Huge bear na lang parang mas carry pa 'yun kesa sa swarm of bees.

6. What's the best compliment you've ever received?
A testimonial (back in friendster days) from a guy friend states that I'm close to being perfect: artistic, smart, athletic. I've really never thought of that. 

7. Kung isa ka sa 5 senses ng ating katawan, ano ka at bakit?
I'd most likely be the sense of sight dahil visual-type ako.hehe

8. What have you done the day before yesterday?
I went to work, did the laundry, and I guess went to the mall with my mom. 

9. Proud ka ba sa bansa mo? Paano?
Yes, I am in terms of its beauty. Our country has so many things to offer and we, the Filipinos, are more than just what we think we are capable of. If we just pull ourselves together, do something collectively for this country, then there's no doubt that we can improve our situation and/or perception from other countries.

With my travel blog, I hope to inspire more people to come and visit our country.:D

10. What advice can you give to the government future leaders?
Think of the country first and run for the right reason.

11. Where do you think you'll be in five years?
Australia I guess. It's my dream country and I wish to specialize in my profession there. 


  1. thanks for visiting my blog.

    I love to read books too but I am nt a fan of horror movies.

    1. Glad to meet another bookworm! :) Ewan ko ba kung bakit sa lahat ng movie genre, sa horror pa talaga ako nahilig.

  2. My mom likes banana and peanut butter!!! Buong akala ko siya lang may kumakain nun! haha..

    No to horror movies for me!! :)

  3. @Joanne: Really? Banana and peanut butter is one of my fave food combos. hehe. Weird nga daw sabi ng iba.