Saturday, June 2, 2012

Of Friendship and Indoor Golf

The last time I call someone as my bestfriend was like a decade ago. I don't know, maybe it's the past childhood experiences that make it harder for me these days to label someone as my "bestfriend." I'd rather call him/her as my 'closest friend' than the latter.

Grace, perhaps, is one of my closest friends. We may not agree on everything but we both have love for traveling and trying new things. She's my go-to buddy whenever I wanted to visit a new place or try a totally new hobby. So yesterday, on our 6th S.A.M (Single Awareness Month - a monthly celebration of singlehood), we meet up and tried indoor golf. It's actually her suggestion since a friend of her recommended the place.

Right after a quick chit-chat at McDonalds, we head to Malgosh Inc.'s indoor driving range. It's actually a golf equipment store with an indoor driving range. It is located at Acacia St., J.P Laurel Avenue, Davao City. It's in front of STI College. Fee for the indoor golf costs P100/hour.

Don't worry about being a first timer as their staff would teach you the basic things that you need to know to play golf. To be honest with, I was having a hard time at first but then I eventually got used to it :) 

It's addicting!

We also got the chance to try this:

To tell you guys, it's not as easy as it what it seems to be but it's still fun!
We spent 2 hours on this place (that's how addicting it is).

Have you tried golf or indoor golf before?
How was it? :)

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