Saturday, July 7, 2012

Impossible is Just a Word

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A few months ago, I made a list of goals to achieve this year. I bought a notebook specifically for it because I wanted to keep track of which ones I have actually achieved. The list is comprise of things to do, career goals, and even items to buy. I won't be revealing the list anytime soon as we still have 5 more months before we bid goodbye to 2012.

When I'm feeling sad, I take a peek in my notebook and suddenly feel good about myself 'cause some of the things I've listed have actually came true. I was able to tick off those things from my list not because of pure luck but because of my effort too, of conscious decisions to really make them happen. 

I'm still on the process of making my ultimate life's dreams come true yet I don't feel totally overwhelmed to the point of inactivity because I feel and believe that I can achieve them. Impossible is just a word - yet to be proven. I came across this blog post which explains why we can achieve what we think is impossible. I suggest you read this too. Believe me, it's empowering. (Here's the link: ).

How about you?
Have you achieve something deemed to be impossible by other people?

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