Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

taken at around 5am

One of the things that I'd like to achieve this year is to come up with a daily schedule that would force myself to wake up really early. Not just because of the benefits of doing it (fresher mind, etc) but also because I wanted to witness the sunrise and to workout (brisk walking lang - hehe) more often. 

Friendship, Carbs Overload, Healing the World

Saturdays are extra special because it's like friendship day for me. Most of my friends have work from M-F so we only get to catch up every Saturday (since Sunday is always family day for us). Last night, Crisline, a close friend since high school and I meet at Boyd's. It's a small, local restaurant with good food. It specializes on pasta and garlic bread ;p

Carbs overload: Isaac's pasta, pasta with pesto sauce, Jeff's meaty pizza (not in the photo) and garlic sticks

dahil wala ng garlic loaf bread, garlic sticks na lang :) 

We spent hours talking about our work, future career and travel plans, and even came up with projects that would hopefully, somehow, make this world a better place :) 

Kung ano man 'yung mga projects na 'yun, I'll reveal it real soon if nag-materialize na ;p 

Have a great weekend!


  1. It's really fun to spend time with good friends.. Gud luck sa goal na gumising ng 5am everyday, kaya mo yan!

  2. Nothing beats chat time with friends :0

  3. @Joanne: Sana nga consistent ako sa 5am waking time. hehe

    @Sey: I couldn't agree more :)