Wednesday, July 4, 2012

When You Fall in Love

We have a love-hate relationship
But I keep on coming back
You gladly accept me despite my statements in the past

You embrace me the second time around
And I can't thank you enough
For a profession that's oh so fulfilling
It's hard to give up

Pardon me friends for my blogging hiatus. I've been in a month pre-service training. The short poem above best describes how I feel towards being a healthcare professional. I don't know if it's maturity or the environment but I fell in love with my profession all over again. It feels so great to be doing something good for other people. The simple 'thank yous' of our clients are more than enough to compensate for a tiring day.

Everyday, I thank God for putting me in this profession. I also would like to commend myself for staying (I'm glad that I did). So yeah, that's basically the reason why I haven't been active in this blog for almost a month. But don't worry folks, I'm back and will be posting more write-ups for the succeeding days :)

Have a nice day!