Saturday, September 1, 2012

What Solo Traveling Taught Me

Last month (it's already September, can you believe it?), I embark into one of the most courageous things I did in my entire life. I've finally traveled solo! The decision of doing it isn't done overnight. Since last year, I've been wanting to do it but it was only this year that I finally got the courage to actually pursue it. 

The reactions that I got when people learned that I'm traveling solo range from amusement to "what the hell are you thinking?" look. It's supposed to be a semi-solo trip since I'll be meeting a good friend of mine in Puerto Princesa. However, her days off won't make it possible so it ended up with 100% solo, hehe. 

I informed my mom weeks ahead for this trip but I only had informed her that this will be 100% solo 2 days before my flight. My father, on the other hand, was only informed of this plan a day before my flight. Some friends expressed their excitement for me and this trip while some family members couldn't believe that I'm actually doing it. 

While this solo trip isn't really life changing, it taught me some of the things that I bet I won't be learning simply by staying where I am: 

1. It's totally okay to be yourself

Alone but not lonely at Plaza Cuartel

After years of being in denial, I finally get to admit to myself that I am an introvert. Introversion is not equated to being shy. I don't fear social interaction and still have the excitement of meeting other people. It's just that I draw the energy from myself and not from being with other people. 

This solo trip in Palawan taught me that it's totally okay to be myself. I've joined 2 tour groups during the entire 5-day stay in Philippines' last frontier and the people I interact with didn't mind at all that I don't talk that much. 

2. You wouldn't really know unless you try

Spelunking at Ugong Rock Adventure

If I didn't pursue this trip, I would still keep wondering how it feels like to be traveling alone. 
If I didn't give spelunking a try, I would still keep thinking if I really can do it.
If I didn't give myself a try to interact with other tourists (local and foreign), I would still wonder if I'll be comfortable in those situations. 

It all boils down to the point of giving it a try :)

3. We all have a choice

How can I resist such beauty?

It irks me when people tell me that they don't have a choice 'cause we all HAVE.
It's just a matter of being responsible with whatever is the consequence of such choice.

This trip that I had is a result of my personal choice. It hasn't been easy as I have to give up some things just to pursue it. For some, pursuing it is a reckless decision but I made the choice and whatever is the consequence, I'm ready for it :)

How about you?
Have you tried traveling solo?


  1. That's one of the things that I also wanna do. Pero nag-iipon pa ko ng lakas ng loob, hehe.

    1. Go for it Joanne. The experience is all worth it :)

  2. Will do this soon. MAs matipid ata pag solo. tama ba?

    1. It depends Olivr. If you're with budget travelers too, I think you're going to save more if you're in a group :) But I guess, solo traveling offers a different kind of experience. It's definitely worth a try! :D

  3. solo travel malapit ng makamtan! haha:)

    1. Go for it Grace! It's a liberating experience, hehe :)