Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When In Doubt, Just Try

Traveling did really something good to me. It made me welcome uncertainties with a smile. It made me more courageous in stepping beyond my comfort zone and fulfilled me in ways far better than material things.

It's been days since I arrived from my recent Camotes Island trip. It was one of those impulsive decisions that I made. 

I was in the midst of my work when my high school friend ask me if I can accompany her in Camotes Island. She told me that her two other friends backed out and she doesn't want to enjoy the island alone. I was quite hesitant to accept her invitation because of 2 reasons: 1) it's Thursday and I still have tons of work to do and 2) my funds are allotted in a special project. But I guess I can't resist the itchy feet so I accepted her invitation and enjoyed 2 days in the awesome, awesome island of Camotes!

While in the island, I get the chance to really look into my life and check whether I'm moving forward towards my dreams. And I'm glad, I am! I may be living the kind of life that seems to be unconventional for some but I'm happy taking the risk.

You see, a few years ago, I'm this kind of person who can't make a decision for fear that I'll be choosing the wrong one. Yeah, I know. I was kinda foolish those days ;) 

Good thing, I eventually learned to let go of these fears and became more opened in taking chances. Now, I choose to do what I think I want because really, you wouldn't know unless you try. 

Life's full of uncertainties and if we keep on postponing doing that one thing that we think will makes us happy, then we'll end up with 'what ifs.' 

Would you like that to happen? 
Would you rather keep yourself in the 'safe' side just because you have those irrational fears?
Please don't.

Take that leap of faith. 
It may not assure you of a happy ending but at least, you wouldn't end up with a life full of regrets :)

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