Saturday, November 3, 2012

Going Out of Comfort Zone

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I think this homebased job is my comfort zone. I don't have any tinge of fear dealing with it. However, at this point, I've realized that I need to grow as a person. I wanted to go beyond my comfort zone. I wanted to face my fears with eyes opened. I wanted to realize my fullest potential.

Thus, I have decided to accept the offer. The offer that I believe could help me ease my fears on a lot of things, including those that I wanted to deal with since I was a student. 

Yesterday's my first day and I don't know but I feel bad for feeling dumb. It's as if I started from scratch again. My emotions are like telling me to stop it and just go back to what I used to do and what I love best to do. But something's not right. If I quit now, I wouldn't be meeting my goal. I wouldn't be facing these fears. 

I love writing and still looking forward to become a clinical researcher one day. I know that this experience will help me face future fears associated with those dream jobs I'm eyeing for. At this point, I know I just have to be really patient with myself. I have to read more, learn more, and become more open. Besides, nobody become an expert in one day, right?

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