Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Totally OK To Be Different

I don't think being the middle child has something to do with my unconventional thoughts. In my article here, I expressed that tinge of guilt I feel for living life differently (which I realized I shouldn't be). My growing fondness with writing, travel blogs, and web entrepreneurship has encouraged me to continually challenge conventional living. 

Living in a third world country and being raised in the conventional system, I can't blame my parents for raising us in that kind of system too: go to school, find a job, if there's the perfect opportunity work abroad, and get rich. Although I have dreams of studying abroad, I personally think one can do away from this typical process. I don't think it's only through working overseas that you can earn sufficiently for your self and family. I believe in investing/working smartly and doing things that you love.

Tomorrow, I'm starting a new path. It's sort of an experiment for me because I will do it not for money but to find out if it's really what I want. I'll get back to you about this after 5 months :) 

At present, I'm working on side projects that focus mainly on the things that I love. 

For these past few months, I've realized that thinking differently can be a bit of a challenge but it's fulfilling especially if you have achieved something out of it. 

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