Thursday, December 20, 2012

Passion, Fears, Future

I've been battling with this decision for the looongest time that I think anyone from Zen Habits reading this would nudge me to take action.

I wanted to pursue this passion but without fail, as I'm already on the verge of actually doing it, someone or a circumstance would tell me to stop. They remind me to think of my future, of living the way most people do. 

I don't know if pursuing one's passion is being selfish or plainly irrational. 
What if I fail?
What if I'll make the wrong decision?
What if time will come and I'll realize that I let this opportunity slip?

BUT what if none of these will happen?

What if I'll be successful in this venture?
What if I can actually make a career out of it?
What if, somewhere down the road, I'll realize that it's ALL WORTH THE RISK?

I need to make this decision NOW.

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